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"Researchers at the University of Chicago interviewed 2,832 Americans age 18 and older from February to May of 1998. They found that households composed of married couples with children dropped to just 26 percent in 1998 from 45 percent in the early 1970s. They said their findings in the General Social Survey are another sign that the face of the American family has changed. They also noted that Americans are becoming more accepting of those changes."

--Jet/ Study Finds Decline In Number Of Married Couples With Children

Childfree Friendly Books

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  • The American Way of Birth
    by Jessica Mitford

  • The Baby Trap
    by Ellen Peck

  • Barren in the Promised Land: Childless Americans and the Pursuit of Happiness
    by Elaine Tyler May

  • Bearing Life: Womens' Writings on Childlessness
    by Rochelle Ratner (Editor)
    Author's Website

  • Beyond Motherhood: Choosing a Life Without Children
    by Jeanne Safer, Julie Rubenstein

  • Cheerfully Childless: The Humor Book for Those Who Hesitate to Procreate
    by Ellen Metter, Loretta Gomez (Illustrator)
    Author's Website

  • Childfree After Infertility: Moving from Childlessness to a Joyous Life
    by Heather Wardell

  • The Childfree Alternative
    by Kate Harper

  • Childfree and Sterilized: Women's Decisions and Medical Responses
    by Annily Campbell

  • Childless by Choice
    by Marian Faux

  • Childless by Choice
    by Jean E. Veevers

  • Childless by Choice: A Feminist Anthology
    by Irene Reti (Editor)

  • Childless Is Not Less
    by Vicky Love

  • The Childless Marriage: An Exploratory Study of Couples Who Do Not Want Children
    by Elaine Campbell

  • Childlessness Transformed: Stories of Alternative Parenting
    by Jane English (Editor)

  • The Childless Revolution
    by Madelyn Cain

    Flawed, the book spends less time exploring the childfree life than the childless one.

  • Children, to Have or Have Not?: A Guide To Making and Living With Your Decision
    by Diane C. Elvenstar

  • The Chosen Lives of Childfree Men
    by Patricia Lunneborg

  • Families of Two
    by Laura Carroll, Krista Bartz (Photographer)
    Author's Website

  • The Mask of Motherhood: How Becoming a Mother Changes Everything and Why We Pretend It Doesn't
    by Susan Maushart

  • Mother Nature: A History of Mothers, Infants, and Natural Selection

  • Never to Be a Mother: A Guide for All Women Who Didn't, or Couldn't, Have Children
    by Linda Hunt Anton

  • No Kidding
    by Wendy Tokunaga

  • The Parenthood Decision: Deciding Whether You Are Ready and Willing to Become a Parent
    by Beverly Engel

  • Power and Decision: The Social Control of Reproduction
    by Gita Sen & Rachel C. Snow

  • Pride and Joy: The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children
    by Terri Casey

  • Reconceiving Women: Separating Motherhood from Female Identity
    by Mardy S. Ireland

  • Sweet Grapes: How to Stop Being Infertile and Start Living Again
    by Jean W. Carter, Michael Carter

  • Unwomanly Conduct: The Challenges of Intentional Childlessness
    by Carolyn M. Morell

  • Voluntarily Childless Couples: The Emergence of a Variant Lifestyle
    by Ellen Mara Nason

  • The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap
    by Stephanie Coontz

  • Why Don't You Have Kids?: Living a Full Life Without Parenthood
    by Leslie Lafayette

  • Will You Be Mother?: Women Who Choose to Say No
    by Jane Bartlett

  • Without Child: Challenging the Stigma of Childlessness
    by Laurie Lisle

  • Without Issue : New Zealanders Who Choose Not To Have Children
    by J. Cameron

  • Women Without Children: How to Live Your Choice
    by Barbara Hawkins

  • Women Without Children: Nurturing Lives
    by Yvonne Marie Vissing

  • Women Without Children: The Reasons, the Rewards, the Regrets
    by Susan Schneider Lang

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